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About Aquera

The Aquera Foundation has developed an innovative software solution that measures patterns in voice and brain frequencies and translates these into various degrees of personal and emotional well-being.

Using advanced computer technology, the Aquera software is able to connect vocal vibrations and brain waves to emotions. The system identifies and determines the underlying emotions by relating the vocal or brainwave input to the algorithms of specific processes in different parts of the brain.
Once the analysis is completed, it is possible to restore emotional balance, using personalized sound frequencies. These unique frequencies can be combined with our light device, one of our recent enhancements to the system.

The Aquera system represents a technological vanguard, skillfully tuned to the individuality of each person. By deciphering an individual’s personal frequency, this innovative algorithm decodes the signals that are sent to the body, allowing for a deep understanding of the body’s possible needs.


At the Aquera America Foundation, our mission is to revolutionize healthcare through technology, offering innovative solutions that improve the quality of life for people around the world. We are dedicated to developing tools and digital platforms that facilitate access to reliable health information, promote self-care, and enable more accurate diagnoses and personalized therapies.

We understand that health is a fundamental right and work tirelessly to make healthcare more accessible, efficient, and effective. Through collaboration with healthcare professionals, researchers, and patients, we are committed to building a global health community that supports each individual on their unique wellness journey.

Our commitment is to responsible and ethical innovation, ensuring our technology reflects the diverse needs of our community while respecting the privacy and security of our users’ data. Together, we are transforming the way the world views and manages health, one step at a time.


At Aquera, we envision a future where health and well-being are accessible to everyone, regardless of their geographical location or economic situation. Through the power of decentralized technology, our vision is to transform healthcare delivery, making it more inclusive, efficient, and personalized than ever before.

Our goal is to lead the forefront of health innovation, employing advanced technological solutions to unlock the potential of remote care that is not only comprehensive but also deeply connected to the individual needs of each patient. We see a world where barriers to accessing quality healthcare are eliminated, allowing people to take control of their health with confidence and security, from anywhere.

We are committed to building a global health infrastructure that is resilient, secure, and scalable, enabling remote care that not only meets current demands but also adapts to the future needs of the global population. Through decentralization, we aspire to democratize access to health, offering personalized and preventative care, not just reactive.

Our vision is a call to action to challenge the status quo, inspiring innovations that bring people closer to the health services they need and deserve. Together, we are paving the way for an era of universal well-being, where each individual has the power to achieve the fullest of their health and life potential, supported by technology that is as humane as the care it seeks to provide.


Equal Access: We firmly believe that everyone has the right to health and well-being, regardless of their economic status or geographical location. Our commitment is to break down the barriers that prevent equal access to healthcare, ensuring that our technologies and services are accessible to all.

Inclusion: We value diversity and strive to create solutions that meet the needs of a globally diverse population. We are committed to listening and learning from the communities we serve, ensuring that no one is left behind in our journey to improve global health and well-being.

Empathy: Our approach to care is guided by a deep understanding of the struggles faced by those in disadvantaged communities. Through our donation fund and support initiatives, we demonstrate our empathy and commitment to making a difference in people’s lives, offering tangible support where it is most needed.

Responsible Innovation: As we pursue technological advancements in health and well-being, our focus remains on responsible and ethical innovation. This means developing technologies that are safe, reliable, and respect the privacy and dignity of all users.

Sustainability: We are committed to sustainability not just environmentally, but also socially and economically. Our operations and solutions are designed to be sustainable over the long term, ensuring we can continue to support disadvantaged communities for many years.

Transparency and Integrity: We maintain transparency and integrity in all our actions and decisions. This includes being open about how our donation fund is managed and distributed, ensuring that our efforts to improve health access are conducted fairly and honestly.

Self-Healing Therapy

Analogous to the functioning of a computer, Aquera therapy acts as a booster for self-repair processes, optimizing their stability and speed. Within this approach, frequencies associated with the emotional state are identified and stimulated to promote effective resolution, enhancing the self-healing process.

By harmonizing frequencies linked to both physical and emotional aspects, Aquera therapy provides a powerful stimulus to the brain. To ensure physiological repair, the collected information is compared with a vast database, based on the atomic combinations of the NCBI National Center for Biotechnology Information, the database of Medicine, ensuring unparalleled precision in identifying the processes prioritized for the brain to resolve.

Based on this information, a personalized audio playlist is generated, containing specific frequencies that address the challenges identified by the system, main complaints, and even emotional issues, whether they are related to the present or past experiences. This comprehensive and individualized approach reflects the sophistication and effectiveness of the Aquera system in promoting well-being and health.

Did you know that emotions account for 70% to 80% of your brain's frequency processing?

Aquera has the advanced ability to identify specific frequencies associated with emotions, as well as to detect the origin of emotional traumas passo fundamental para otimizar a saúde mental e física.”

and the life period in which they occurred. This capability is based on the understanding that our brain prioritizes the processing of emotions due to their fundamental impact on emotional stability and self-healing capacity. Emotional processes take precedence and can, under certain circumstances, inhibit natural recovery and self-healing mechanisms by excessively consuming the brain’s processing capacity.

Identifying and resolving these resource-intensive emotional processes is essential to free up brain capacity for vital functions, including physiological repair and strengthening of the immune system. Analogously, like a printer that cannot complete new tasks without paper, the brain needs to conclude pending emotional processes to resume normal operations. Unresolved emotions and recurrent traumas create continuous processing cycles, seeking closure. Aquera helps identify and interrupt these cycles, facilitating significant relief in mental processing.

By resolving these emotional issues, individuals can regain cognitive capacity for self-healing, reasoning, perception, intuition, and cellular repair, thus improving the efficiency of the immune system. Understanding and addressing emotional processes with the support of Aquera is, therefore, a fundamental step towards optimizing mental and physical health.

This version retains the original content but presents it in a more structured manner, emphasizing clarity and the importance of identifying and resolving emotional processes for overall health.

Aquera Community

The industrial society’s way of life provided advances to mankind. However, the practices of dominating nature and the logic of accumulation have been shown to be harmfull to the balance of the planet.
To overcome this practices, we have to rethink our way of life. A more balanced way of living requires ecologically sustainable solutions. The Aquera Foundation supports the development of technological solutions that aim to achieve socio-enviromental balance.

Ecological Footprint

Technology has transformed and connected the world in ways we could not have imagined 30 years ago. However, this has not seldom gone at the expense of the planet’s natural resources.
To reduce the damage we need to rethink our way of occupying space, using technology as an ally in promoting the balance between man and nature.
Aquera Community is a space to share knowledge, research and experiments all whilst ensuring sustainable usage of the natural resources that are available.

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